Plugin Security Not Working


There is some kind of problem with enabling restricted permissions on plugins.  It's been a long time since I looked at it, and chances are that it is due to some misunderstanding of mine about how .NET security works.  In BlackLightning.CreateSecurityPolicy there are a few lines commented out (line 227 of BlackLightning.cs, as I write this).  That line would apply the restricted security policy to loaded plugins, but for some reason it causes problems.. if I recall correctly, it won't even let plugins load.  However, with that line commented out, plugins are given full trust, which is obviously a bad idea as it would allow plugins to infect the users's machine with virii or format the hard drive or other malicious things.
I was never able to figure out what the problem here was, but it's going to need to be solved at some point.  Hopefully someone with better knowledge of .NET security will be able to work it out or point me in the right direction.