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Plugin Requests

Sep 5, 2007 at 5:16 AM
While the Black Lightning project itself doesn't currently host any plugins, I do want to facilitate their creation and distribution as much as I can. This discussion is for posting your ideas for new plugins. Maybe a developer with some spare time will read your idea and decide to sit down and implement it. :)

Here's a list pulled over from the old Black Lightning forums.

  • Room List - a new StormFront window that provides a categorized and/or sorted list of people and items in the room
  • Scripter - a scripting engine
  • Serenity Tracker - tracks how much serenity you have left and when you'll get it back again
  • Mana Timer - tracks mana pulses
  • Player Shops - allows you to search from the game (Xygon had a plugin that did this for an old version of BL.. maybe he'll update it?)
  • Auto Run - automatically runs commands upon signing in
  • PsiNet - implements some or all of PsiNet's functionality
  • Categorized Pockets - a method of categorizing your large containers by letting BL track which items are in which categories within each container
  • Character Tracking Database - a database that passively tracks who you've seen and interacted with recently, allows you to search that information (where/when did I see that person last?) and could alert you about events such as someone dying that you've seen recently. It could also track extra custom information such as why you know someone, where you met them, whatever you want.
  • Calendar - allows you to search and browse the official calendar from in the game
  • Command Aliasing - allows you to make aliases for long and/or tedious commands (for example, map @a to "attack"). You could also use it for macros (for example, map @spellup to "prep x, cast, prep y, cast, prep z, cast, ...").