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Black Lightning is a utility program for Simutronics' text-based games that allows you to add new functionality to the existing front end software. It works with both Windows clients (StormFront and The Wizard) and with all four of Simutronics' games (GemStone, DragonRealms, Alliance of Heroes, and Modus Operandi). In addition, Black Lightning is compatible with other popular third-party software (PsiNet and Lich).

Black Lightning works using a plugin architecture. The program itself doesn't do a whole lot other than load and unload plugins. This allows end users to custom-tailor the program to their needs by installing only the plugins that they are interested in. Black Lightning plugins can be created by any programmer that is familiar with a .NET language. Black Lightning allows loaded plugins to monitor and alter any data being sent between the game server and the front end software, which makes for nearly endless possibilities, especially when used with the StormFront client. Black Lightning's API also makes it possible for plugins to provide new login screens (similar to Simutronics Game Entry, or SGE).


There are various sections of this project which are listed as tabs across the top of the page.


This page. The home page of the project. It contains a brief description of Black Lightning and a statistical summary.


A list of available Black Lightning releases. This is the place to download Black Lightning and associated goodies.


This is essentially a forum system. Please feel free to chime in with your feedback and ideas!

Issue Tracker

This area tracks work that needs to be done on the project. Check the list for up-to-date information about known bugs that need fixing and features that are planned for future releases. If you find a new bug or have a new feature request, this is also the place to report it. Please make sure that your bug/request isn't already in the system before creating a new item for it.

Source Code

This tab provides access to Black Lightning's source code tree. You can download files directly from the site if you're interested. For developers it is much easier to make use of the source code using an actual source control client. Check the tab for more information about downloading one and getting connected.


Check here for a list of people that are involved with the Black Lightning project.


This tab displays Black Lightning's license, which is the GNU General Public License v2.0. This license essentially keeps Black Lightning open source and easily redistributable. Read over the preamble to get a better run-down of what's involved, or just read all the fine print; it's actually not too long as far as software licenses go.

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